Summer Camp

On July 11-15th, we held a children’s summer camp for the local village. Thirty six kids attended the event. The purpose of the camp is to enrich the summer time of the migrant children and to prepare them for a better future by stimulating their IQ and EQ development. The four days indoor program includes four main sections: science lab, social skills, performance, and team-building games.

At the science lab section, we guided the children to discover the physical qualities of everyday elements like water, fire, light and trash by doing experiments and asking questions. While learning natural science knowledge, the children were also introduced to practical life skills such as how to prevent and escape fire hazard, how to classify trash and recycle them, how to prevent from drowning, etc. Nothing is more impressive than a hand-on experience. As the children find science fascinating, we hope they will be more motivated to do well at school so that they will have more opportunities to study science in the future. On the fifth day, we invited the parents to go with us to visit the science museum.


Volunteers Celebration

On June 18th, we held the volunteers celebration at the center. About thirty volunteers of the after school program and the Saturday Children’s club came to the event. Several of them came to the front to share what they have learned and benefited from the volunteering experience. Hequn, a volunteer from the Agriculture University, acknowledged that she felt the kids taught her more than she helped them with their schoolwork. Children prepared small gifts made by themselves to give to their favourite volunteers. Joann gave a little speech recounting our observation of their devoted work and expressing our appreciation to them. For those volunteers who regularly came to serve during the semester, we honoured them with a certificate of merit for each of them. Later, both volunteers and children enjoyed snacks together. Many volunteers stayed to take photos with the children and our coworkers and played with the children. You can tell that they have developed such a dear relationship with the children. Many of them signed up to come back to volunteer next semester.

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