This summer, fifteen members of the Evangelical Community Church (ECC) in Hong Kong flew over and taught in our summer camp this year. As they poured out our hearts to serve migrant children living in the outskirt of Beijing, they became such a blessing to everyone they encountered.

The theme of the summer camp was “I want to grow up”. Each day, we had two lessons, one focusing on the “growth of the body”, the other on “spiritual growth”. For “growth of the body”, we taught the children to love cleanliness, to eat healthily, and to develop good habits. Every lesson was wrapped up by an activity. In particular, we made dumplings with the children after the lesson on healthy diet. Knowing that many children only ate instant noodles for lunch as their parents had to work, we thought that it would be a great idea to eat dumplings with them because dumplings, which were made of starch, vegetables and meat, were one of the healthiest Chinese food. The children finished up all the dumplings during break-time hastily, which was a huge encouragement to us.

For “Spiritual growth”, we used interactive methods, such as drama, story-telling and videos, to teach the children to have a positive self-image and to respect one another. We were amazed to see that the lessons have an impact on the children’s behavior. On the first day, some children were snatching colour pencils from other students when they were painting, but towards the end of the programme, the students became much more willing to share. We also saw that some students were becoming happier day after day. Wang Hao, who was seven, came to Beijing from his hometown for the summer. Not knowing any of the other children, we looked upset on the first day and refused to play with others. As such, we spent time talking to him individually, trying to encourage him. By the end of the programme, he has made many friends and became much happier. His smile brought us great comfort and satisfaction.

In addition to the lessons, we also prepared exciting activities for the camp. In the afternoon, we did face painting, T-shirt painting, Kaleidoscope-making and puzzle-making with the children. These were activities that the children have not done before, and we were very glad to see them enjoying the process!

On the last day, we invited the parents to bring the children to the Beijing City Seaview Water Park. It was a real joy for us to see parents and children spending time with each other. The purpose of the Summer Camp was not just to enrich the children’s life during the summer, but also to serve the families.

The programme was concluded by a graduation ceremony in the last evening. The children were divided into five groups, each of which performed a play in front of parents and other students. We were pleasantly surprised to see many fathers attending the ceremony and taking pictures as their children performed, demonstrating how much they cared for the children. As the show was over, the Hong Kong team bided farewell to the children – some of them shed tears for we could not bear the thought that they would not see the children for some time, maybe at least until next summer!


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